Tuesday, December 23, 2008


freebie from Erynne Chard
please go to this link ......http://be-stitched.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20pattern

We know Christmas is over but still we want to have something to do with Winter...so enjoy!!!!!

Happy stitching!!

Izzy & Siti

January Challenge - Siti's progress

This is my progress :

My progress is very slow compared to Izzy. I should have finish this into biscornu last weekend but was tight up with the children travelling to Shanghai. I have not decided what to stitch for the back portion but had some ideas to stitch something simple and fast. Hope to be able to finish this by this weekend (anyhow I have until end of Dec to finish...I guess!! LOL...). Since I will be off for Christmas and New Year break in Malaysia, I have plenty of time to catch up....too bad for Izzy she has to be in the office!! but hope to meet her for lunch :)

I guess that's about it!



January Finish- Piece from Izzy

Hi Again......thanks for dropping by and check on our progress.........this is Izzy's finish piece for our January Challenge - Pretty in Pink.

Lovely finish!! I love the color she choose.....very stunning combination!!

Since we had finished our Janaury challenge faster that we expected and had fill one biscornu into our January basket , both of us agreed to have another small piece for January. We both agreed to stitch Erynne freebie from http://be-stitched.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20pattern. We wanted to have something to do with Winter (since its Winter already!!) so we decided to start on Erynne's Festive Snowflake. Please check her blog, she has lots of lovely freebies to stitch...I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we do!. But unfortunatley, we had forgotten to discuss what will this be finish into?? It could be pinkeep/flat fold or biscornu again....we will have an update later....

We put our goal to finish stitching by middle of January or not later than end of January so that we can move on stitching our "Love is All Around" for our Valentine special.

Please email us if you want to fill your stitching basket by end of 2009 with us.....till then....have a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!
Happy Stitching!!
Izzy & Siti

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Jan Biscornu Challenge - Pretty in Pink

We started our January challenge in December. This is Izzy's first biscornu.....this is the update of her progress. Izzy had done a good progress on this one.....Izzy use 14ct Beige DMC Fabric and knowing Izzy I know she uses DMC thread (had fogotten to ask earlier...)

Our date line for this is end of January. I guess Izzy will be able to start her February Challenge much earlier.......

This is my 1st progress, just started last night....I choose to stitch on 18ct Aida from DMC with DMC Color Variation thread...I think this is sort of special fabric, beige color spinkle with shining dot (not really sure what they actually call this type of fabric).

Izzy choose this pattern which are in her pile of freebie charts but both of us not so sure from which designer (please help if you do know the designer). For those who would like to join us, please email so that we will be able to share the chart for your stitching pleasure.

Happy Stitching to All!!!